How To: Upcycle A Wooden Chair

Photos & project provided by Jess from Wool You Just

‘I can’t recommend them enough, I’ve got some left over and I plan to use them on some plant pots.’



Step 1

You will need one set of Botanical Furniture Sticker stencils for this project


Step 2

Clean the surface you are going to paint ensuring it is dust free and dry. Depending on the item you are painting and paint you are using you will need to prepare the surface correctly for the paint to adhere (this wooden chair was sanded before paint applied.)


Step 3

For a quicker project paint the chair in patches where you think you want to stick the stickers and allow to dry.


Step 4

Once the chair is fully dry, peel the sticker away from backing paper. Place the sticker on to the surface carefully. Smooth the sticker onto the surface with a plastic card such as a bank card.


Step 5

Once happy with the placement of the stickers paint over them and the rest of the chair with your top coat colour.


Step 6

Providing you have prepared the surface correctly you should remove the sticker while the paint is still wet. Pull the sticker off slowly and discard. Finish with a top coat of varnish or wax to protect the paintwork.